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Big Car Title Loans Sacramento


Apply online or give us a call at (916) 250-0554 to find out if you qualify today!


What is a car title loan?

The answer is simple. A car title loan is one that makes use of your vehicle’s title as security. This helps you, because not only can you get the cash you need, but you get to keep driving your vehicle at the same time. Also, because this is a loan dependent on collateral, your credit isn’t a problem, regardless of your financial past. The lender just holds on to your title for the term of the outstanding loan, which is returned as soon as the loan is paid off.

How do you apply?

You are welcome to call us at (916) 250-0554 or apply online. When applying online, you’ll receive a call from one of our loan officers who will determine whether or not your vehicle qualifies for the loan.

Will I get declined if I have bad credit?

No, we do not base approval on your credit score. Even if you’ve been through a foreclosure or bankruptcy, it won’t be a concern with us. Anyone with a free and clear car title can get approved for an auto title loan.

Am I able to continue driving my vehicle?

Yes, Absolutley! You will have to surrender your title for the span of your loan, however this will not effect your daily routine. You can continue driving your vehicle like normal.

Why should I choose Big Car Title Loans of Sacramento?

At Big Car Title Loans of Sacramento, we give you exceptional quality service that will offer you an auto title loan, utilizing your vehicle’s worth. All you need to do is have full possession of your vehicle with no loans or liens against it. Our aim is to help you to get approved quickly and get the cash you need as fast as possible. We do not require a long application process and credit is not an issue. So regardless of your financial history, we can get you the cash you need fast. Generally within a 24 hours!

If approved, how do I get my money?

We can wire the money into your bank account or you can access your loan through MoneyGram.

What if I already have an existing title loan? Can I get another?

If you already have an existing loan, there is a chance we could take your current loan and refinance it into the new loan.

Are there any pre-payment penalties?

No, you can pay off your loan at anytime during the span of your loan and you will never be charged any fees or penalties.

Do you serve other areas?

Yes, we also serve states such as Indiana.



Give us a call at (916) 250-0554 or apply online using the form above and our loan officers will get back to you shortly.



You will need to submit the appropriate paperwork to us, such as your ID, proof of income and residency, registration and insurance forms, and a copy of your car title.


Within 24 hours of turning in your paperwork, you can have the cash deposited directly into your checking account or pick up your cash from any location with MoneyGram.